Group of elementary school pupils

“I think you have been a great help to him to get paper writing his direction going and to focus on his weak areas. The rest is really practice and working on papers before the exams.”
Mrs. Chu, mother of SAT student.

“I always tell my sons their English is good because of your help.”
Mrs. Tang, mother of 2 SAT students.

“His English has improved a lot since you started working homework help with him. His teacher said his last writing English was significantly better than the previous ones.”
Mrs. Chan, mother of IGCSE students

“The important thing to me is my sons look forward to your lessons. They enjoy taking lessons with you.”
Mrs. Hsui, mother of primary school students.

“My husbands said Steve’s writing is really good because you assigned writing assignments to him every class. I remember he had to write at least one page for homework after every class. His brother is going to do his Master degree in Law in the UK next year. His sister is applying to universities in the US. I will let all my friends know you are accepting new students. ”
Mrs. Chu, mother of 3 students (SSAT, SAT, ACT English, IB English)

“I cannot believe that my daughter improved 150 points on her Reading & Writing after 2 months private tuition with Jessica. She has a chance now.”

Mrs. Ng, mother of SAT student.

“My kids have been your students since primary school and now they are ready to go to university. Thanks for all your help all these years and especially the SAT preparation and college essays this year.”

Dr. Wong, mother of 2 SAT students.

“My daughter’s English writing has improved so much. I’m really surprised by her quick improvement. She can write a lot and has more confidence in English now.”

Mrs. Lam, mother of primary school student.

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