Primary Phonics



This course has been designed for children who are attending Kindergarten 3, Primary 1 or Primary 2  in Hong Kong schools.

Phonics teaches the relationship between the written letters and individual sounds of spoken language. This programme helps your children learn to read and write quickly. Our course incorporates good practice from ‘Read Write Inc.’ to create a multi-sensory learning programme.

Course Aims

  • learn 24 sounds and actions, form letters and begin to blend words
  • learn the remaining 18 sounds and actions, identify tricky words and continue blending
  • learn previously taught blending skills to read and write new words and sentences with the correct letter formation
  • learn alternative spellings to help support their spelling and use all the phonics skills learnt in the previous modules to read and write through a variety of texts

Course Content

  • learning the letter sounds
  • learning letter formation
  • blending
  • identifying sounds in words
  • identifying tricky words.

Level:                           P1 – P2

Hours:                          1 hour per week

Class size:                     2 – 8 students per class

Course time table:         Wednesday: 5:00 – 6:00

                                          Sunday: 1:00 – 2:00