Cambridge YLE

Cambridge YLE

Why Cambridge YLE?

Cambridge Young Learners English Tests (also known as YLE) is one of the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations tests targeted at children aged K2 and up.

These Cambridge YLE courses are designed for children with previous English learning experience, who want a short exam preparation course before taking Cambridge YLE exam. Our courses aim to provide practice in all areas of the test. In addition, the students will be familiar with all aspects of the exam and know what to expect on the exam date. Students will gain confidence in approaching all task types in each paper of the exam.

The examination has three different levels: Starters Exam (typically for K2, or P2), Movers Exam (typically for P3 and P4) and Flyers Exam (typically for P5 and P6). At each level, the examination is divided into three different sections. The first is Reading and Writing, the second is Listening and the third is Speaking. For each section, candidates can score a maximum of five “shields”. The division of levels is according to ability, rather than age. Therefore, it is possible for a six-year old child to acquire the full marks (all fifteen “shields”) in the Flyers Exam.


The examination comprises three parts and different time, number of parts and questions is given:

  • Starters
  1. Reading & writing: 25 questions, 20 minutes
  2. Listening: 20 questions
  3. Speaking
  • Movers
  1. Reading & writing: 40 questions, 30 minutes
  2. Listening: 25 questions
  3. Speaking
  • Flyers
  1. Reading & writing: 50 questions, 40 minutes
  2. Listening: 25 questions
  3. Speaking

Course Content

To fully prepare students for the Cambridge YLE exams the courses include;

  • speaking, writing, listening and reading tasks integrated with specific exam techniques
  • exam-type tasks throughout
  • tasks which use grammar and vocabulary relevant to the exam

Level:                           Starters: minimum 5 years old (K2 – P2)

                                      Mover: P2 – P3

                                      Flyers: P3 – P6

Hours:                          1 hour per week

Class size:                     2 – 8 students per class