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Why CambridgeWays?

Extensive essay helper experience: we have been teaching English to children in Hong Kong since 2003. The head teacher, Ms. Jessica is a certified English teacher paper writing from the University of Cambridge and has taught at various kindergartens and schools in Hong Kong. She also trains teachers for not-for-profit organizations.

Exceptional teachers: are native speakers from English speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We all your dissertation editing requests are treated individually and assigned to a dissertation editor that is deemed appropriate for the field… only employ teachers who have had experience in teaching English and possess a teaching degree or certificate.

Excellent English programmes: focus on all four areas of English – speaking, listening, reading and writing. We encourage our students to participate in a wider range of activities in each class to improve their confidence, independence and self-esteem. Our students range from pre-school children to Masters degree graduates. The courses that we offer aim at providing learners opportunities to be actively involved in the English language learning process. We especially design our courses and activities to accommodate all learning styles such as visual, auditory homework help and kinaesthetic to encourage each learner’s maximum output.

Eight-Students-Maximum class size: Our classes have two to eight students per class to ensure that each learner has the maximum attention from the teachers. At the end of each class, our students take home a parent note outlining the lesson and ideas to extend learning in the home environment.

Learning proper English will make your child a confident communicator and open up better career paths in today’s competitive market. Our students have gone to prestigious universities in US, UK and Canada. Some are engineers, doctors, lawyers and bankers. Now it’s time for your child to take the road to success!


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