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Cambridge YLE

Cambridge Young Learners English Tests (also known as YLE) is one of the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations tests targeted at children aged K2 and up.

These Cambridge YLE courses are designed for children with previous English learning experience, who want a short exam preparation course before taking Cambridge YLE exam. Our courses aim to provide practice in all areas of the test. In addition, the students will be familiar with all aspects of the exam and know what to expect on the exam date. Students will gain confidence in approaching all task types in each paper of the exam.


Phonics teaches the relationship between the written letters and individual sounds of spoken language. This programme helps your children learn to read and write quickly. Our course incorporates good practice from ‘Read Write Inc.’ to create a multi-sensory learning programme.

Course Aims

  • learn 24 sounds and actions, form letters and begin to blend words
  • learn the remaining 18 sounds and actions, identify tricky words and continue blending
  • learn previously taught blending skills to read and write new words and sentences with the correct letter formation
  • learn alternative spellings to help support their spelling and use all the phonics skills learnt in the previous modules to read and write through a variety of text


SAT I (Scholastic Aptitude Test I): 

The SAT is the most important test you take in high school, and your score determines where you will go to college.  Simply put: the higher your score, the better the college.  All our students have successfully applied to prestigious schools in the US and Canada. Let us help you do your best on the SAT.

SAT English Foundation I and II: 

The focus of this course is the development of essential English skills and knowledge for the SAT. Students will learn SAT vocabulary words during the one-year program as well as grammar rules, reading comprehension and writing techniques. There are SAT practice questions in every lesson.

Student Archievements